Description: Using natural bacteria cultures to clean septic systems, grease traps, portable toilets, carpet, garbage areas, and more. Anywhere there is a cleaning problem that consists of natural, organic debris; this product is there to help.

Dilution: For cleaning of hard surfaces and deodorizing: Light duty = 1 part to 64 parts water. Regular duty = 1 part to 32 parts water. Heavy duty = 1 part to 16 parts water. Septic, Portable Toilets and Grease Traps: Initial dose should be one cup each day for one week. Once completed, daily add 1 to 4 ounces depending on size and usage. Consult label for complete instructions.

Surfaces & Dirt: Safe on all types of hard surfaces, this product will quickly clean away everyday dirt and grime with ease. Great for all organic matter including grease, fats, oils, etc.