Description: Also using organic acid as the main base, it is more concentrated than 7000 for the tougher jobs such as rust stains, mineral build‐up, and low maintenance schedules. This product will etch surfaces if used full strength or if the dwell time is too long.

Dilution: Light duty = 1 part to 128 parts water. Regular duty = 1 part to 64 parts water. Heavy duty = 1 part to 16 parts water. Product may be applied using a clean cloth, sponge, mop & bucket for floors or using a foam nozzle.
Surfaces & Dirt: Virtually safe on all surfaces (once properly diluted) it will help with the removal of soap scum, lime, mineral deposits, toilet & urinal stains, body oils, etc. Leaves polished surfaces shining and is also great on brass!  Not for use with soft surfaces/stone such as marble.